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Eagle Safari Photos, with the Eagle Man

In May this year I went to Lauvsnes, Flatanger, somewhere in the middle of Norway. There lives the man they call the Eagle Man, who has a special relationship with the eagles in the area. I went with my dad and the eagle safari trip was a Christmas present from our spouses. It was time for some eagle photography!

The Eagle Man (Ole Martin) would take us out in his boat in the early morning and then another trip in the evening, so that we’d get the best possible light when photographing the eagles. When we arrived at the different territories the eagles would come to the boat and circle above us. Ole Martin would then throw out a fish, which the eagles dived down to catch. This is what we experienced and captured on camera; photos of diving eagles.

As the fish was thrown out, the eagle would first circle above the boat, in order to get the right angle. It would attack the fish against the wind, so the boat was positioned thereafter.


The eagle is scanning the area for fish




“Hey buddy, what are you looking at?”


The eagle would then dive in towards the water…


One eagle getting ready to grab its prey. This is a classic eagle diving photo.


Eagle incoming! This one is really coming straight on the fish. We saw less of this type of dive, and more of the kind you can see in the photo above.


…and then grab the fish lying there… with a vengeance. It was really fascinating to see the determination in the eagle’s eyes, as it was grabbing the fish in the water.


Look at the big determined eyes, staring at the prey which is milliseconds from being grabbed.



Some of the most fascinating shots came after the dive, when the eagle had caught the fish and needed to get back up in the air. It would throw its wings forward, as you can see in the photos, creating a very nice shot with the fish and the water splashing.


The eagle looking majestic after just having caught the fish, and now has to get back up in the air.



You need a bit of photographer’s luck to see the eagle’s face in this position. More often than not the face will be covered by its wings.



This is arguably my favourite shot. The eagle bounces up and forward after grabbing the fish.


I highly recommend taking a trip in the Norwegian fjords with the Eagle Man. It’s a once in a lifetime (unless you go back of course) experience for both photographers and people interested in nature. Check out the Eagle Man website. Also see the rest of my selected eagle photos.


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