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Abstract Fireworks in Singapore

Here’s a quick post with some photos I took of fireworks in Singapore Chinese New Year 2011. They’re taken with my 5D MkII and 24-105mm Canon lens.

I generally went for a 4 second shutter speed for these shots, with a narrow aperture at F11-22.

With a standard lens as you’ve guessed the photos have somewhat been cropped to give the effect of the fireworks filling the frame.

Abstract Fireworks 1

Amazing fireworks from Chinese New Year celebration in Singapore 2011. 24mm, Aperture: F22, Shutter: 4s, ISO: 400

Abstract Fireworks 2

A slightly different selection of fireworks, still at a 4 second shutter speed to get that great light trail effect. 24mm, Aperture: F11, Shutter: 4s, ISO: 400

These are the shots I felt qualified from the Singapore fireworks photoshoot. It was a very rainy day so we were lucky that it cleared up just in time for midnight. However that meant we didn’t have sufficient time to find the optimal vantage point. I will next year try to spend even more time finding the perfect spot to capture the fireworks in front of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore.


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