The cream of my latest adventures!

Pulau Ubin Photos

Finally got around to uploading the photos from my Pulau Ubin trip with the missus’ cousin Eddie in Singapore. Although we wished for low tide, we still managed to capture some nice photos at Pulau Ubin, the only place in Singapore where you really can get away from the city! I used my Canon 400D as usual with my 24-105mm lens.

Spider photo from Pulau Ubin, Singapore

We saw a few of these huge spiders which are poisonous. You need to be very careful that you don't walk into them... but you're alright as long as you stick to the road. Focal Length: 102mm, Aperture: F4, Shutter: 1/100s, ISO: 400

I wouldn’t have spotte any of these animals and insects had it not been for Eddie’s observation skills. We could have caught shots of wild boars as well, but apparently it wasn’t always a good idea to come face to face with them… The instruction was… RUN!

Photo of small red crab along stream

We captured a few colourful crabs coming out of hiding to gather food. I like this photo because of the crab's (or crabette) strong colours which makes it stand out even though it's very small. Focal Length: 105mm, Aperture: F5.6, Shutter: 1/125s, ISO: 200

I figured I’d make this next spider photo extra large to scare you… booh! It was really great to get so close to the spiders.

Photo of large spider staring me in the face

This spider "portrait" photo was taken with flash, which is what gives the harsh light with dark background. Intimidating or yucky? Depends on your preference. Focal Length: 105mm, Aperture: F7.1, Shutter: 1/320s, ISO: 200

No trip in the jungle without photos of monkeys. There was a gang of about 10 monkeys, big and small, roaming the dirt roads and scavenging the bins for food. That’s what happens when you mix monkeys with tourists! You can also check out my Long Tail Macaque monkey photos and Orang Utan photos from our Borneo trip in 2009.

Photo of monkey up to monkey business

We caught this monkey and its gang red handed scavenging the bins for food at Pulau Ubin. I selected this photo as it had the most personality. Focal Length: 105mm, Aperture: F4, Shutter: 1/160s, ISO: 800

On the way back we captured this little cricket crossing the road. Fortunately it stood still long enough for us to take a nice cricket photo.

Cricket photo in Pulau Ubin

This cricket photo was captured on the way back to the boat which would take us home to Singapore "main land". Focal Length: 105mm, Aperture: F4, Shutter: 1/125s, ISO: 400

It was a great trip and we captured some nice photos at Pulau Ubin. Definitely going back another time! These photos are just a selection. You can find the rest at


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