The cream of my latest adventures!

Sutera Harbor Sanctuary at Kinabalu Park

I didn’t write yesterday 23rd January as there was little to write about. The day mainly consisted of:

1. Wake up at 6am and have breakfast at Barefoot Lodge in Sukau where we’ve spent the last couple of days.

2. Jessie drove us to the Mile 32 checkpoint to catch the K.K. Bus to Kinabalu Park where we are now. On the way to the bus a saw; millions of palm trees; 3 dead dogs (one of them looked like a stuffed dog that had been pushed over with its eyes open and legs sticking out); one dead Monitor Lizard (very large lizard); and lots of kids going to school.

3. Took the bus from Mile 32 checkpoint to Kinabalu Park. As you would expect the driver drove the bus as if it was a race car whilst we watched Transporter 3 on pirate DVD wit very poor english subtitles (it’s not out on DVD in UK or Norway yet.

4. Arrive at Sutera Harbour Sanctuary in Kinabalu Park where we’re currently staying. Our room has a “view” towards Mount Kinabalu but the only window in the room is actually on the back with a view of the water tank. You have to go out front to see the mountain and when it’s not covered by clouds it’s very mighty and beautiful. Wish they’d stick a window on the front of our room though… A quick review of Sutera Harbour Sanctuary at Kinabalu Park: besides the window issue the towels had stains and the pillow sheets smelt of sweat really badly. We’ve had to ask them to come change pillow cases both yesterday and today. I’ve got a feeling their cleaning contract will be going out to tender soon… We stayed at the Hillside Lodge.

5. Went to the botanical garden to see many beautiful flowers & plants including cinnamon, several orchids, ginger, banana trees, etc. Pictures to follow.

6. Had dinner and went to bed.

It’s funny how so little happened and I still managed to write so much!


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