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2008 NEC Bike Show Photos

I was invited to come to the Carole Nash NEC Bike Show on trade day and it was great fun with all the major bike brands represented and lots of fun stuff going on. I’m personally not a biker but there were also interesting fun stuff for non-bikers, including the Bat Bike from the latest Batman movie, as well as a Thunderdome show and of course the essential PR girls. I also saw one celebrity – Charley Boorman, who’s been biking through Africa with Ewan McGregor. Here’re a few shots (please contact me if you’re interested in using any of the shots. There’re also more Bike Show shots where these came from):

My Carole Nash NEC Bike Show photos are my first of the kind but I hope you like them. I brought my 50mm as well as my 10-20. As you see I only used the 50mm, which was great for people, but often only allowed me only to photograph part of the bikes. Nevertheless I like some of the shallow depth of field the F1.8 exposure gives, although it’s sometimes difficult when you take picture of two persons that are at a slightly different distance away.

I must say the Thunderdome Show (entered a free rehearsal) was the greatest, with some nice bike tricks accompanied with some appropriate heavy metal.


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