The cream of my latest adventures!

Christmas Photos

How about a few macro-licious christmas photos? Here are a few that I took using my make-shift macro studio, and they don’t look to bad eh? To get the maximum picture depth I’ve used F22 aperture with my 50mm portrait lens.

As you saw in my previous post about the header, the photo below is of two “nisses”, Norwegian leprechauns. They were a Christmas present from last year.

Two nisses with hearts in their hands

Two "nisses" with hearts in their hands

In this case blue really works well on blue and I managed to get what I think are really nice colours after a bit of experimentation. Again these are Christmas presents that have their own little place on our living room shelf.

Singing Angels

Singing Angels

Would you believe it, another angel. This time made of glass. I’ve tried to use the classic composition, with the angel roughly being positioned in the cross at the bottom right (although I think it’s slightly off).

A Glass Angel

A Glass Angel

Ok, they’re not angels or Santa Claus, and they don’t really have anything to do in a Christmas themed post. But hey, who’s discriminating? Not me. They were on my shelf and were a nice potential photo subject, so why not? Only problem is their hair is too shiny so you can see the macro studio walls – must be that Pantene Pro-V…

Chinese Ladies

Chinese Ladies

I think that sums up all the Christmas decorations we have in our apartment. That said, after coming back from Norway next year I’d expect there to be some more on the shelf, so watch this space! And apologies for not cleaning the polystyrene properly if you did happen to notice. These photos can also be found in my TOL Photography Gallery


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