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Gig Photos – Off The Wall

My dear photo buddy Mark invited me last week to see a Pink Floyd tribute band called Off The Wall. It was my first gig with the main purpose of taking nice photographs, so exciting! It was also my first experience shooting only RAW so I made sure I brought both my 2GB cards, which was just enough. The venue was the Victoria Theatre in Halifax, with a classic theatre feel with 3 stories. Check out a photo.

I had some great fun enjoying the music (including the Pink Floyd classic “Money”) and a reasonably new photo experience. The key learnings from the night were:

  1. Obviously the higher shutter speed you use, the sharper your shots become, but the grain and reduced contrast can sometimes ruin some of the quality (what would we do without Photoshop eh…)
  2. With such low light conditions, try to use a lens with as wide an Aperture as possible to allow you to use a lower ISO. I started out with the Canon 70-200 F4 but soon moved over to the 50mm F1.8, which allowed me to sometimes get the ISO down to 400 from 800/1600. Much nicer shots!
  3. A tip Mark taught me was to adjust the exposure down by 1-2 stops, which would make the shot darker as it was shot, but would allow for a faster shutter speed at lower ISO. This can then be adjusted back up again later in Photoshop.

Below are some of the shots I got – more can be found at my Smugmug site.

Saxophonist Solo

Saxophonist Solo, taken from just in front of the stage using my 50mm at Aperture 3.5 and ISO 800

The saxophonist and guitarist battle it out

The saxophonist and guitarist battle it out taken with my 70-200 at F4 and ISO 1600

The frontman singing and playing the synthesizer centre stage.

The frontman singing and playing the synthesizer centre stage. Used 70-200, F4, ISO 1600

One example of how the light show looked

One example of what the light show looked like. 50mm, F3.2, ISO 800.

As mentioned, check out more of the shots here. It was a great night and a good learning. If you want to check out the band, go here.


One response

  1. pap

    Fine bilde. vi har det bra. har hatt besök av mor sin bror, Björn samboar Foxy m to barn. hels Ling. god tur. pap.

    January 18, 2009 at 4:31 pm

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